Xfinity - Tokyo Olympics

Xfinity, proud partners of Team USA for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, have teleported their audience into the thick of the action via a multi-platform campaign. The cable communications giant has released a series of OOH and in-store posters, an immersive AR experience and five product films conceived by creative agency, Elephant. The campaign targets retail customers, high street shoppers and sporting fans, delivering compelling tales from Team USA of the trials, tribulations and triumphs within athleticism.

With collaboration and technical prowess at its heart, we worked alongside Kode Media and Happy Finish, who developed and executed the web-AR side of the experience. Leveraging the 8th Wall Platform, the team brought to life eleven unique, athlete stories, which customers could experience by scanning their respective posters across OOH sites and in-store.

In order to carry the campaign’s interactivity across into the product films for a seamless, cohesive outcome, we utilised the full VFX landscape. Extensive CGI, VFX and colour grading through Blind Pig and Absolute made it possible for the athletes to run past UI tiles, jump over buttons and even surf up splash screens.


Animation & Sound - Blind Pig

Creative Director / VFX Supervisor - Ric Comline

Motion Graphics - Lawrence Scanlon, Jonny Bursnell, Will Smith

Concept Art / Storyboards - Christine Peters

Sound Design - Joe Worters

Post-Production - Absolute Post

Executive Producer - Sally Heath

Senior Producer - Nicole Rivron

Editor - Tom Boucher 

Colour - Matt Turner

FX Artists - Craig Healy, Ameen Abbas

CG Artist - Nelson de Sousa

2D Supervisor - Scott Simmonds

Nuke Artist: Lucas Warren

Co-Production - Happy Finish & KODE

Executive Project Lead - Jerome Botbol

Executive Producer - Jack Goodwin

Lead Creative Director - Alex Lambert

AR Producer - Sixtine Marion