Tumble through the animation multiverse in this series of dizzying shorts from the Blind Pig extended family.

The project was led by Blind Pig’s own Lawrence Scanlon, who collated contributions from our talented team of in-house artists, frequent collaborators and our sister company Absolute, as well as sound effects from the company’s incredible sound department.

Over 15 artists catalogued terrains of outer space to medieval mountain villages and back again, incorporating some unbelievable techniques in 2D and 3D animation. The expansive project took over 18 months to complete from conception to publication, and charting its progress was no easy feat, as lead artist Lawrence Scanlon explained. “We developed an open brief that artists could explore, the only request was that the creatives used the pink colour of the Blind Pig logo. A camera system that would loop in sections of 3 was developed that would transition from one world to another. People were free to pick and choose their own camera moves initially, allowing us to fill in gaps with those joining as things progressed.”

A wide range of directions were explored in the camera system development stage, finally settling on the mind-bending sequence we have now. A big factor in the eventual decision was the ability to create endless scenes that interconnected, allowing us to scale up the project to incorporate as many of our favourite artists as we liked. “The final product is a showcase of the company and all of the different styles and skillsets of the artists,” said Lawrence. It was understood that scenes would be related to the Blind Pig brand in some way (hence all the pig motifs!) however the brief was kept as wide as possible in order to challenge contributors to go as mad as their imaginations would allow – and the response was phenomenal. “What we received across the board were fun, unique, and incredibly polished scenes, speaking to everyone’s ability to create outstanding work on their own.” This was particularly impressive in relation to the submissions from more junior artists, who were keen to fulfil the creativity of the project.

Pigfinity encompasses Blind Pig’s ability as a studio to metamorphose, often swelling to the capacity of a much bigger company when required. Lawrence summarised this aptly: “We’re not just animators - we are designers, illustrators, people with a broad range of abilities who thrive when we push beyond our comfort zone.”


Direction & Animation - Blind Pig 

Creative Director - Ric Comline

Creative Lead - Lawrence Scanlon

Design & Animation - Christine Peters, Heidi Prescott, Hugh Loughrey, Kingsley Harris, Lawrence Scanlon, Niall High, Ric Comline, Sean Cooper, William Smith, Keith Rogers, Rasel Hussain, Camila Valencia

Audio - Rich Martin, Arge Hargest, Pam Kyriazis and Daniel Panayi

Production - Thierry Levy, Ana Hoxha, Roberta Fox, Susie Joseph