Nutanix - Times Square

We had 30 seconds to convey to Times Square that Nutanix is really the only tool you need to manage all your apps and data. Simple right? Well, using some ingenious deep screen techniques, we crafted this eye-catching and enjoyable spot that perfectly embodies their brand’s ethos of credibility, relatability, and intuition.

The location for the ad was the huge cylindrical Nasdaq screen, which came with several unique challenges, namely the windows embedded recurrently across it. The client was keen to incorporate the windows into the spot, a creative solve that we happily explored.

Artist Kingsley Harris said: “The clients wanted the animated shapes to explode and pour from the windows. The accuracy on this job had to be spot on, otherwise the effect would fail and not be effective. Pleasingly, the shapes are perfect and the illusion works harmoniously.

We built the screen inside Cinema 4D and projected a supplied blueprint image of the screen dimensions, sticking to scale and being precise with the measurements. Therefore, we could use the particle system to emit the shapes from the windows with great precision. We had full control on direction, scale, pacing and timing. A fun and creative project to visualise how the Nasdaq screen can be utilised with the embedded window to our advantage.”


Client - Nutanix

Media - Nasdaq

Agency - The Marketing Practice

Head of Branding - James Holland

Creative Director - Mike Lord

Producer - Lila Gilbert

Animation - Blind Pig

Creative Director - Ric Comline

Animation - Ric Comline, Kingsley Harris

Executive Producer - Thierry Levy

Producers - Ana Hoxha, Roberta Fox