Nissan x Woolmark

Warmth. Durability. Natural fibres. Mother Nature’s own technology is still unparalleled when it comes to the optimum material for clothing. We were pleased to emphasise this point in this spot for Nissan’s team kit unveiling, in collaboration with Woolmark who crafted the looks from Merino Wool. Using a mix of 2D and 3D animation, we created a blueprint-style sequence that reveals the microscopic makeup of the wool, emphasising its strength at a cellular level.


Client - Nissan 

Agency - Dark Horses

Head of Production - Andy Walsh

Motion Graphics - Steve Fowler

Animation & Post - Blind Pig

Creative Director - Ric Comline

Design - David Raccoon

Animation - Niall High

Colour - Jules Wileman

Executive Producer - Thierry Levy

Producer - Roberta Fox