Chris and Julie Ramsey strike again. As world record-breaking electric vehicle adventurers, they're certainly not wallflowers when it comes to a challenge. Their latest? Travelling Pole to Pole in an all-electric Nissan Ariya. Our latest? Animating the adventure in 2D, using Toon Boom and AfterEffects. 

Starting in March 2023, the husband-and-wife duo from Aberdeen will be traversing 17,000 miles from the magnetic North Pole in Canada to the South Pole in Antarctica with the aim of raising awareness of the climate crisis and the critical role electric vehicles can play in reducing our carbon footprint. This endeavour has been made possible by Nissan, who have supplied the Ramseys with a Nissan Ariya e-4ORCE modified to face the conditions along the way, some of the most extreme anywhere on the planet.

Our film chronicles Chris and Julie’s past experiences in their Nissan LEAF travelling the UK and undertaking the Mongol Rally - becoming the first team ever to do so in an all-electric vehicle - whetting their appetites to take on their biggest challenge yet.

The team had a blast throughout the design and construction of this project. After an intricate design process spanning backgrounds, characters, the Ramsey’s trusty LEAF and of course the Mongolian yak, the job was brought to life in Toon Boom and AfterEffects with cameras at multiple depths to create parallax, and some funky particle effects adding beautiful texture to the colourful world our explorers inhabit.


Client - Nissan

Agency - Dark Horses 

ECD - Steve Howell 

Creatives - Hannah Rendell & Lara Hallam

Head of Production - Andy Walsh

Joint Head of Account Management - Max Arkell 

Animation - Blind Pig

2D Supervisor - Christine Peters 

Design - Christine Peters and Alfredo Gerard 

Animation - Christine Peters, Will Smith, Andrew Clarke

Compositing - Ric Comline, Lawrence Scanlon

Executive Producer - Thierry Levy

Producer - Ana Hoxha