Meta - Thrillboards

We’re horrendously happy to present these two films for Meta to promote a Halloween launch event for their incredible new VR headset. The films reference two stalwarts of spooky season, the Walking Dead and Ghostbusters, which incidentally are about to be released as games on the console.

Producing this entire project, from shoot to design to delivery, was a blast and it was a pleasure to be commissioned for it by our friends at AMV BBDO. It’s not often that we get out on set, and there was no better way to set the tone for the next few weeks of work than the atmosphere of the streets of Shoreditch at 5am. We used C4D, XParticles and After Effects to create the marshmallow gloop and mist-filled alleyway once the selects for each film had been made. The entire production happened over the course of a few weeks, which meant we needed to work rapidly and efficiently with minimal disruption. Naturally, however, in the final week one of the films underwent a complete redesign due to unforeseen circumstances. We’re super proud of the team’s efforts, responding as always to pressure with clever solutions, beautiful work and good humour.


Client - META

Agency - AMV BBDO

Animation, Shoot & Post - Blind Pig

Creative Director - Ric Comline

Animation - Lawrence Scanlon, Ric Comline

Compositing - Michael Woodruff

DoP - Michael Beddoes

Edit - Tom Higgins

Audio - Rich Martin

EP / Producer - Thierry Levy

Production Assistant - Susie Joseph