Hicks & Hart - Gardens

This was one of those special projects that was as fun to make as it is beautiful to look at!

We were approached by garden designers Catherine Hicks & Kate Hart to help imbue their website with their outdoor world of colour and vibrance, and the result is this charming set of animations and illustrations. 

The series features three scenes, including a boy aloft in an English apple tree, a pair of dogs enjoying a walk, and a picturesque garden in bloom. This process began with watercolour paints and paper, two materials beloved by our Head of 2D Christine Peters. Once the designs were finalised, Christine set about recreating them digitally, composing the drawn elements in Photoshop. We animated with TVPaint and comped with After Effects.


Client - Hicks & Hart

Founders - Catherine Hicks, Kate Hart

Design & Animation - Blind Pig

Creative Lead - Christine Peters

Executive Producer - Thierry Levy

Production Assistant - Susie Joseph