FIFA 21 - The Ultimate Call

Boxing world champion Anthony Joshua, Arsenal legend Thierry Henry and FIFA cover star Kylian Mbappé catch up in one of the best conversations you’ll hear all year. The trio chat about the highs and lows of being an athlete at the top of their game; from their hardest moments, to who’d win in a race between Mbappé and a prime Henry. This 60” director’s cut comes in support of the announcement that all three are now playable characters in FIFA 21.  

It was wonderful to work on this project with Directing duo Rosco 5 and the team at Spindle Films. Our creative lead Sean created a dynamic suite of transitions, graphics and animations to bring the key moments throughout the film to life.


Production Company - Spindle

Post-Production - Absolute Post

Colourist - Adam Clarke

Exec Producer - Jenna Le Noury

Production Assistant - Ava Millard

Animation Studio - Blind Pig

Creative Lead / Animator - Sean Cooper