The first app that teaches the blind to visualise with sound - Eyedar is based on the principles of echolocation. In the absence of sight, the brain can use the ears to map our surroundings, an ability called echolocation. Echolocation can enhance spatial awareness in people who are blind and lead to greater independence.

Blind Pig closely collaborated with award-winning health agency Area 23, developing and crafting the visual language and graphical execution for the app and film. With carefully developed the visual language and executed it with beautiful 3D animation, as well as composing the music and applying bespoke sound design.

Eyedar won four Lions at Cannes this year.


Client - Horizon Therapeutics

Agency - Area 23

Chief Creative Officer - Tim Hawkey

EVP Group Creative Director - David Adler

SVP Group Creative Director - Eduardo Tavares

VP Creative Directors - Rosie Mossey, Denise Banksen

Executive Producers - Jessica Hasselkorn, Anna Lopez

Animation & Post Production - Blind Pig

Executive Producer - Thierry Levy

Producer - Ana Hoxha

Creative Director - Ric Comline

Creative Lead - Kingsley Harris

Design & Animation - Ric Comline, Kingsley Harris, Lawrence Scanlon

Colour Grade - Juliette Wileman

Music - Joe Worters

Sound Design - Joe Marsden