Exquisite Porks

What's an Exquisite Porks?

An exquisite corpse is a method of collecting seemingly random words or images into one coherent piece. This is Blind Pig's version.

First up, greyscale animation. Our Lead Animator, Christine Peters, created an animation in C4D. Just cubes, spheres and a Pig logo bouncing in infinite space. Forever. No colour. No interest. Just movement and suggestion.

Then we chose frames at random and filled in the blanks, coloured inside and outside of the lines, added individual styles, 3D and 2D, printmaking and photography, leaving the viewer with a nosebleed-inducing, retina-burning explosion of colour and movement.

That is an Exquisite Porks.


Tom Boucher

Matt Burn

Ric Comline

Sean Cooper

Tom Higgins

Niall High

Huggy Stephens

Sersha Lawrence

Christine Peters

Pedro de la Puente

Lawrence Scanlon

William Smith

Tom Spenceley

Jules Wileman

Joe Worters