Ennismore - Estelle Manor

Lifestyle hospitality legends Ennismore are the brains behind luxury hotels and restaurants like The Hoxton and Seabird. The newly refurnished Estelle Manor promises equal authentic decadence, and we were only too pleased to mirror this through sketch-like animation. Illustrated by Cassandre Montoriol, our team brought to life characters, locations and interiors through frame-by-frame 2D animation to unveil the luxury location in a unique charm.


Agency - Ennismore

Illustration - Cassandre Montoriol

Senior Designer - Solene LeBlanc

Head of Graphic Design Services - Ani Farmer, Karla Berron

Senior Graphic Designer - Mary Mead

Design Director - Alex Prior

Animation - Blind Pig

Animation Lead - Christine Peters

Animation - William Smith

Creative Director - Ric Comline

Producer - Ana Hoxha

Executive Producer - Thierry Levy