Dublin City Council - 30KM

When Dublin City Council decided to speak about road safety and new measures to keep everyone safe on Dublin's roads, they chose to do so via animation. This short video was one in a series of four created in collaboration with JWT Folk in Ireland, showing what it would be like if pedestrians behaved like drivers in the city. 

Meticulous character development was a big part of bringing these to life, with a vast design exploration of style, movement and colour palettes. The story came to life via frame by frame animation, with the personalities of the character personalities coming across despite their very short screen presence.

The video was finished with music composition and sound design by our very own in-house composer.


Client - Dublin City Council

Agency - JWT Folk

Broadcast Director - Michael Cullen

Art Director - Conor Swanton

Creative Copywriter - Rory Connolly

Account Manager - Sarah McCarthy

Animation - Blind Pig

Creative Director - Ric Comline

Design & Animation - Christine Peters, Niall High

Music & Sound - Joe Worters

EP & Producer - Thierry Levy