Marvel x Pandora

In close collaboration with Disney and Manor, Blind Pig delved deeper into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and brought Pandora‚Äôs new Marvel charms to life, detailing Hulk, Iron Man, Black Panther and Black Widow. 

Lead animator, Sean Cooper, used Cinema 4D to hone in on the metal texture and detailed enamel, before creating custom CG Marvel-themed environments and matte paintings for each character, working with our editor for a seamless yet impactful outcome. Our Composer, Joe Worters, further adorned the clips with appropriate music and the campaign aired throughout London's Oxford Circus station for two weeks.


Brand - Pandora 

Director of Global Content Production - Naomi Albech

Global Brand Manager - Maria Dumitriu 

Digital Brand Manager - Christel Grandal 

Art Director - Silvia Bella

Client - The Walt Disney Company

Global Marketing Manager - Stephanie Gore

Senior Commercial Manager - Carin Grix

Head of Creative - Matthew Giffen

Creative Consultant - Maxwell Haddon Wright

Producer - Lisa Giffen

Product Build - Manor Studio

Executive Producer - Jack Hunter

Director - David Smith

Animation & Sound - Blind Pig

Creative Lead & Supervisor - Sean Cooper 

Creative Director - Ric Comline

Design & Animation - Sean Cooper, Lawrence Scanlon

Editor - Tom Higgins 

Sound Design - Joe Worters 

Executive Producer - Thierry Levy

Producer - Hannah Whitehill

Production Assistant - Maddie Godsill