Dassault Systèmes - Piccadilly Circus

This epic spot for Dassault Systèmes lit up Piccadilly Circus, showcasing the full range of out-of-this-world services the software giants bring their business of innovation to. Traversing from cities of the future to pioneering body scans to outer space, this film may just be our favourite DeepScreen-laden adventure we’ve built so far for the iconic Piccadilly screen.

Working on a condensed timeline, this project required all of the team’s focus and skill to jam pack every scene with detail and finesse them into a truly showstopping display. The timing of the piece had to be meticulously broken down, by working with the client to allocate each moment of the 30-second film with the appropriate scene in correspondence with the weight of its business and action on screen. The all-important ‘glitch’ effect was the perfect catalyst to move the viewer’s journey along, and signify Dassault’s influence in the realms of technology. We worked in Cinema 4D and After Effects to craft, comp and deliver these beauties.

OOH Agency - Ocean Outdoor

Head of Design & Studio - David Tait

Project Managers - Polly Palframan, Jonathan Farrow.

Animation - Blind Pig

Creative Director - Ric Comline

Animation - Ric Comline, Lawrence Scanlon, Kingsley Harris

Executive Producer - Thierry Levy

Senior Producer - Ana Hoxha

Production Assistant - Susie Joseph