Bayer - Kick it in the Aspirin

A quirky brief for a ‘quick relief’ product, Aspirin’s new four-part social campaign had us creating stylised, animated headache metaphors. Busy traffic scenes, stressful childcare scenarios and gaming headaches are all easily cured with the help of a powder or a climactic explosive pill created in Cinema 4D. 

With four entirely differing aesthetics, ranging from illustrated 2D to particle-based FX approaches, we worked globally with Aspirin’s UK-based agency Oliver and Germany-based pharma giant Bayer, adhering to varying country-based pandemic regulations, and bringing to life four unique takes on one simple idea.

Design, Animation and music is all created by our brilliant talent at Blind Pig.


Client - Bayer Germany

Senior Brand Manager - Kirsten Ruhl

Agency - Oliver

Executive Creative Director - David Shanks

Design Lead - Daniel Wicks

Design Lead - Denis Thiel

Copywriting - Thorben Tenbruck

Account Director - Caroline Whiteley

Executive Producer - Elizabeth Mackenzie Woods

Senior Producer - Hannah Eckersley

Stills - Paul Winter Photography

Photographer - Paul Winter

Producer - Claire Haddleton

Animation & Audio - Blind Pig

Creative Director - Ric Comline

Design - Christine Peters, Niall High, Ric Comline

Animation - Ric Comline, Lawrence Scanlon, William Smith, Sean Cooper, Hugh Loughrey, Christine Peters, Niall High

Executive Producer - Thierry Levy

Producer - Kirsty Ratcliffe

Production Assistant - Maddie Godsill 

Music & Sound Design - Joe Worters 

Talent - Daniel Alexander @ Soho Voices

VO Agent - Shelby Morgan @ Soho Voices

Head of Production - Caroline McNulty @ Creative Outpost