Every three days, a woman is killed in the UK as a result of domestic abuse. The story of Angel Lynn, a brave young woman who suffered catastrophic injuries while attempting to escape an abusive relationship, is shocking and impactful, and we were honoured to play a part in telling her story.

Angel Lynn’s life changed when she met Chay Bowskill. Our role in this film focused on text messages which chart how Bowskill’s behaviour became increasingly coercive and 3D Lead, Sean Cooper, used After Effects to combine the messages with live action re-enactments. His main focus was the shifting and intensifying tone and pace of the messages as they become increasingly threatening. Working in conversation with the director Chloe Fairweather was essential, and the end result is a masterclass in suspense-building in documentary filmmaking.


Client - Channel 4

Production Company - Wonderhood Studios

Post Production - Storm Post

Animation - Blind Pig

Design & Animation Lead - Sean Cooper

Creative Director - Ric Comline

Executive Producer - Thierry Levy

Producer - Ana Hoxha

Production Assistant - Susie Joseph