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Welcome to Blind Pig

BlindPig is a Motion Graphics company based in New York and London.

BlindPig were formed to meet the need for creativity, innovation and inspiration in an advertising world which is constantly evolving both aesthetically and technologically.

Born out of a post-production house, our background is in crafting beautiful imagery - as a motion graphics company BlindPig offer not only this but also content and concept generation. Often highly collaborative, BlindPig can offer ideas, images, and processes to develop campaigns from their very inception - or can work to help re-imagine or refresh work that perhaps already has a long history.

We work in a broad range of mediums, from 3D character design and animation, to 2D or flash animation, even arranging shoots on every- thing from Canon 5D, Red or 35mm film. Working closely with postproduction company Absolute, we have access to a wealth of technical know how, as well as skilled and experienced operators should we need to augment our core team.

The creative director behind BlindPig is Richard Comline.

8 Poland Street
London W1F 8PX
+44 (0)20 7851 6700

118 W22nd Street
8th Floor
New York NY 10011
+1 212 280 6700